Letters from Fairies

June 08, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

A couple of weeks ago, with the help of Kenyon Noble , I planted a Fairy Garden . Which is a great way to garden with kids. It's small, it's contained. weeding is really not an issue. Pretty much everything great about what's green and growing without the hassles and it's become so much more.

My kids have an ongoing fascination with fairies. And to be fair, I have done nothing but encourage it. I think it stared last fall . And they're now at the age where in kid culture the tooth fairy - queen bee of them all, is widely known and adored.

Who knows if it's the best parenting move? Am I creating a myth that my kids will someday get upset about for letting them believe? Or is it really the best part of having kids? Personally I love living life with my head in the clouds a little.

As you can see from the picture, we now have the tiny fairy mailbox.

Here are the letters that the kids wrote:

Dear Fairy,

What's your name? Fairy folk are pretty nice and kind. Can you leave a letter when I sleep? Stay as long as you want. Can we play freeze tag sometime?


Small boy


Dear Fairy,

I am your friend and I like to run and jump and shout. I love you. And I love to spin. Do you dance and tap and twirl?

Your friend,

Small girl


We will share the fairy's responses with you later in the comments section. Or channel your own bad-fairy self and write a response.


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