Laugh it Up

January 31, 2013

Posted By: Bozemama

When your son tells you that your butt looks smaller -- in his words, "like only one watermelon instead of two," -- in your new Silver jeans, do you:

A) Cry

B) Beat him with a stick

C) Hustle your watermelons over to Target for some Spanx

D) Laugh because it really is a totally hilarious thing to say and because if you don't laugh, then you probably will start to cry in that slobbery way and then your kids will start to laugh at you

E) Start drinking

Answer: D

If there's one thing I've learned over the last 13 and-a-half years of being a mama, it is this: Why cry, when you can laugh? Robert Frost may have said it best, "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane." Scary how true that is, right? How could anyone survive the adventure of parenthood without being able to take a step back every once in a while and treasure the twisted comedy of the absolutely absurd . . . Like I always say, it's hard to take yourself too seriously when you've got vomit in your eye.

We at Montana Parent truly believe there's no better medicine for parents than a good belly laugh (other than, maybe, a whisky sour) and so this month we are treating you to our fabulous first annual Humor Issue, which will be hitting stands in the next couple days. Believe us, you deserve it.

As Leigh Ripley -- our bright, beautiful and seriously funny editor-in-chief (who also happens to be a mother of three) explains it -- "We are always so serious about life, let's yuck it up a bit!" Hard to argue with that. Wait till you read her editorial, Nobody Said it was Going to be Fun. Brilliant, honest and pure Leigh.

We've also got some hilarious quotes, anecdotes and stories from our readers, editors and columnists, including One-liners You Swore You'd Never Say ("Behave or I'm going to sell you to the gypsies for a wooden nickel,") submitted by our Facebook friends and 21 Parental Triumphs (my favorite: Even though it was a temptation, you did NOT ask the UPS guy to, "Please, please, please just keep an eye on Aidan in the ExcerSaucer for five minutes while I shower") by Michele Ranard.

Plus, our columnist Amy Stoddart takes a look at how laughing can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, increase immunity and -- wait for it -- burn calories. So, the next time you feel guilty about going out for a giggle with your pals, just think of it as exercising your abs. We have the science to prove it. We really do.

Dear readers, this is our Valentine to you. We truly, madly and deeply appreciate your support. Sniff. In short, we love you -- and that's no laughing matter.



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