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October 23, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

"Mom, look! It's God's surfboards!"

Every morning as we do the daily drive, I try to start the day with a sense of wonder. I think it helps the kids get in a good frame of mind. I know it helps me. We try to notice what the sunlight is doing to the mountain ranges in the distance. How the colors change and become more vibrant as the sun reaches upward. We watch the clouds. Looking for shapes. They see castles and crowns. Dinosaurs, waves and butts. 

"Mom, If you were a super hero, we'd be super hero kids. And you would call me Flower Power and I would have a flower power suit. And we'd SAVE THE WORLD!!!!

Mom, Isn't that right. Hey, look mom! Do you see that butt-cloud."

It did look like a butt-cloud. She went on to say that it was her special butt-cloud, she loves it and it is named Fluffy. We keep our eyes banana-peeled for Fluffy, every morning.


We don't always talk about clouds. Kids are good at noticing things while you are zipping down the road. My son loves tech.

"Did you see that HUGE antenna on that garage?!? How can they spend so much money on tech?"

  I dunno? Maybe they're rich?

"People who live in houses aren't rich. The only people who are rich are bank managers, the mayor, the president, Santa and some police. . . and sometimes trains carry huge packages of money so I will say they are rich, too."


It's kind of a never-ending stream of fabulous one-liners. And I know that your kids are super-funny, too! I would love to hear some of their observations. Please leave a comment. It's Wednesday after all, I am sure we could all use a chuckle.

But the one thing I really wanted to say about catching those little quotes, is that it can be hard to do. I find myself scrambling for bits of paper so I don't forget. But I found a perfect little book that I will now keep in the car!

It is simply a handy little journal designed for you to jot down the crazy things they say. It's not complicated but sometimes the best ideas are simple and elegant.

My Quotable Kid

A Parents' Journal of Unforgettable Quotes - ISBN 9780811868846

Chronicle Books are sold at the Leaf & Bean, Country Bookshelf, MT Book and Toy, Co.  They are always nicely designed and make great gifts. I just happened across this one and thought y'all would really dig it.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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