Kickboxing, BunnyFufu takes a jab at it.

January 06, 2016

Posted By: Shaunescy

Ok! (Yep, shouting that “ok’ at you ‘cuz I’m all fired up!)

Kickboxing classes at ILoveKickBoxing in Bozeman are intense, energy packed, one-hour, sweat-fests. They are also a heck of a lot of fun. I signed up for their 3 class web special (usually it’s $19.99 for 3 classes and a pair of free gloves but it’s half off of that right now!) and went for it.

I am a grumpy runner. I do it because I know I should, not because I love it. I also practice a fair amount of yoga. This I love for core strength and meditation, it just makes sense to my body. After all, I am just a normal and busy 40-something mom, not an extreme athlete by a long shot. So, even though I felt confident that I could make it through class with my self-esteem intact, I was a little nervous.

The owners and staff at ILKB-Bozeman made it really easy. The first class is really rather hands on. The mat was full of people but the group instruction was clear and as the class moved from the heart-pumping warm-up into the bag work, an instructor worked directly with me and the two other first day participants. Making sure we had proper form as we threw our initial jabs, hooks and uppercuts. Once that was handled, we moved onto kicks and combing them into a sequence.

It is remarkably gratifying to land a solid punch or kick — not to mention keep your balance while doing so!

The hour ends on a series of burpees that are designed to burn you out and have you leaving the building on a full body buzz. It also ends with a lot of smiles and high-fives.

If you are looking for a new challenge or a fun switch up in your normal exercise routine, you should give this a go. Plus, I can’t think of any class anywhere that is less expensive to try — and double bonus! You will now be the proud owner of a pair of boxing gloves . I had no idea entertaining that would be. My 6 year old daughter puts them on daily and shadow boxes. All the while whispering under her breath, “Yeah! You’re the champion. Go Get ‘em Tiger!”

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