I’m going on a trip to Big Sky and I’m bringing . . .

August 08, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Maybe these, too?

Two kids

My Sweetheart

A mountain of freshly washed laundry

4 pairs of sandals

4 pairs of running shoes

Baseball caps and my Stetson

Beach towels

Snorkle masks and goggles


Cereal & Milk


12 apples

Water bottles

4 boxes of Capri Sun

Dora themed Crazy-8's cards

Crayons & notebooks





A bag filled with chargers

What am I forgetting?

Today is the day that I have been longing for all week. the one where I get to clean off all the counters and make sure my fish-sitter is planning to stop by. The day that I woke up and instead of contact lenses and my usual preppy soccer mom garb, determinedly put on my cut-off 'boyfriend' jeans, a t-shirt and my glasses. A veritable suit of armor to tackle the job of getting my family out the door for a mini-vacation. If I wasn't ready for a little recreation before, I will be by the time the sun goes down.

The kids are a little bonkers because they have been moving at the usual 'Bozeman family' breakneck pace of classes and seeing friends and swimming and staying up late to "star-daze," but today they are being quarantined. Not one single trip into town, Mom has stuff to handle. I may have to resort to the extreme measures of wearing earplugs when they hunker down for the mid-afternoon-heat-of-the-day cartoon marathon. Because, if I have to hear any kid's show or cartoon jingle more than twice, I could blow like a pressure cooker. Thank heavens that I have all of the magazine's Lunch on the Lawn activity area Rody Bouncers from yesterday. I think I'll send the monkeys outside for a Rody Rodeo in the shade. Yee-Haw!

So, what am I going to do in Big Sky, you ask?

Well, as I posted earlier in the week,the Big Sky Classical Music Festival is this weekend. It's free and awesome. I know it seems kinda sophisticated for little kids, but it's really not. It's outside and I am bringing bubbles. (Must add that to my list.)

I've made reservations at; one of my favorite places to have a meal from my pre-mommyhood days, Big Sky Resort's Nature Zipline tour, Big Sky Resort's Huntley Lodge and we are going to check out the dining room of a guest ranch down the road a piece. So what do you think? Should I bring my red cowgirl kicks?


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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