Apparently, I am cougar. Ha!

The gals from Montana Parent hit the town for the Children's Museum fundraiser and it was a blast. Leigh, Shaunescy and Cora went as the three fates. They looked lovely. And, lucky me, I got to tag along.

I love costumes and makeup. so much in fact that I worked out fully four different costumes complete with makeup. I started with Little Bunny Fu Fu but, that felt a little bit too on the nose. Next, as a geisha, but the yukata (summer kimono) was a bit constricting. Since I had white pancake makeup already on. . . I tried out a china doll look. Cute but a little too silly. As I ran out of time I landed on go-go boots, a head scarf and gigantic pink sunglasses.

It is a rare occasion that I go out. Heck it's a rare occasion that I don't have my pajamas on by 8: 00 PM. And usually when I go to dinner it's just me and my sweetheart for date night or for one of his work functions. Sure, I get a little tarted up but generally speaking, fairly conservative. Pretty but muted makeup, I like to look nice but am not comfortable with sexy. But, when I put on the go-go boots, my makeup went a little more glam, too. False eyelashes and red lipstick! Ooh la-la.

I met the crew and we carpooled together to the event. Downtown was buzzing. Saturday night after another MSU football victory and the big party at the Baxter seemed to make the town really swell. As we were walking in, I got the full on up and down look from a likely MSU student. He shouldered his pal and said, "Check out the cougar action, rarr."

Oh my heavens. Well, I suppose it's some kind of right of passage. I'm choosing to take it as a compliment.

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