I hate my jogging stroller.

May 24, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Maybe the word hate is too strong and it's possible that the stroller really isn't to blame here.

Last night was my 4th outing to train for the Sweet Pea 5k. Second time to meet with Run Bozeman at Bozeman Running Company. First time to try running while pushing a 3 year old. Eye-opening. Here's my route. It is precisely 2 miles.

Here are three tips that will help you have a more pleasant run.

  1. Wearing the right clothes will help you by not being distracting and uncomfortable. So even if the last time you wore spandex was in the '80s for fashion purposes, swallow your pride and put on some tight fitting pants.
  2. I don't care that leftovers aren't as good as hot out of the oven food, and yes, you rock you over-achieving domestic goddess but, I cannot stress this enough do not eat that plate of roasted chicken and potatoes a half an hour before your run.
  3. When you run into a stumbling block. . . go get some smarter people in the room.

I really need some tips on how to run better with my stroller. I can see that this training is going to become my alone time but sometimes I want a kiddo with me. She LOVED it. But, it was significantly more difficult to run with a jogger stroller. I felt like I couldn't get my breath because my arms weren't moving much - of course, the chicken dinner wasn't helping me either.

And of course, the most important thing about doing anything in life - find the good, embrace the fun, and simply show up. That is all anyone really needs to do. Run Bozeman is meeting again on Saturday morning at 8am at the Bozeman Running Company. We'll be posting info on Facebook and here, and if you comment that you'd like to train with us - keep your eyes peeled. I am working on a weekly check in post for Mondays, where you can share your progress in the comments section.

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