How to Float The River With Three People and Three Dogs

July 09, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

Written by Beverly Hosford

Step 1: Buy river tubes and dog life jackets.

Step 2: Return one dog life jacket for a different size. Bring the dog into the store this time to try it on. Sigh in relief that there is one left in her size.

Step 3: Depart two hours later than planned. Drive two separate cars and park one in the lower lot. Bring a spare key in a ziplock bag.

Step 4: Drive second car up the road five miles and park it.

Step 5: Unload dogs, tubes and people.

Step 6: Vigorously inflate tubes the old school way (with mouth).

Step 7: Get into river. After five minutes, when dog bites tube, repair it with included patch.

Step 8: Since the tubes appear to be giant toys, give each dog a tennis ball to float with. Full mouths mean no biting.

Step 9: Return one dog and one person to car because dog wants to run along river rather than swim in the river. Be happy that a car was parked at the upper lot, so they can go home.

Step 10: Two remaining people float along with other two dogs until one dog evacuates to the shoreline because she has had enough floating and swimming. Place that dog in a tube with a person and watch out for claws since there is no second patch available.

Step 11: Stop to re-inflate the cheap tubes that were purchased.

Step 12: When the person with the dog in the tube cannot paddle themselves into deeper water, hold onto the second person’s foot, while they hold onto the larger dogs life jacket and throw the tennis ball where you want to go so the dog can pull both tubes in that direction.

Step 13: Arrive at destination thankfully with car key still in possession and head home feeling refreshed, with tired pups.

Beverly Hosford loves mountains, travel and mindfulness. Catch up with her on social media @BeverlyHosford or .

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