December 11, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy


I don’t often like to wander around stores anymore.  I just got used to zipping in and out of places once I had kids.  However, now that I’ve been to HOUSE Design Studio a few times I try to pop in there when I’m by myself so that I can take it all in.  I love that place!

HOUSE offers a modern, minimalist style of home décor as well as interior design services.  They have everything from furniture, area rugs, lighting, and kitchen accessories to gifts like pint glasses and adorable, ceramic children’s dish sets. They have unique paintings and beautiful coffee table books and way too many eclectic housewares to describe here.

Leslie Largay and Nicole Hagerman Miller opened HOUSE in Missoula in 2009 and I’m so excited we have a store here now too.  It’s a beautiful space, the employees are warm and helpful and every time I go in there I see something I didn’t notice before.  It’s a great place to find unique holiday gifts and they have something for everyone, at every price point.

Definitely stop in and check them out. They are located on Main St. across from the Wilson school at 405 W Main St, Bozeman, Mt 59715 or you can reach them at 406-577-2863 or .


Adrienne has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition and does meal planning and cooking for people who want (or need) to change their diets.

She is also a mom to three children who are brutally honest about her experiments in the kitchen.

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