Happy Monday! Cute fleece pants to give away!

April 02, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Do you have a 3 year old boy who is, shall we say. . . active? Well, I have something for you!

Montana Parent endorses these super cute, locally hand made, Boys Fleece Double Knee Tough Skin Pants because they are so great! Joyce Drolette recently started making these and my son adores them. When he put them on, he immediately said, "ooh, comfy." The fleece is plush and dense and the reinforced knees are nicely incorporated. They even have a pocket that is big enough to hide 4 Hot Wheels in. They may be the perfect play pants.

To buy a pair of these little duds you can contact Joyce directly:

406-587-0063 - jmdrolette@gmail.com


The first comment, wins these size 3 pants. Ready, Set, GO!

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