GVSA Rolls Up It’s Sleeves

May 25, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

There is going to be a new skate ramp in town. On Friday, several big kids took a day off of work, to help the little kids. It is just so Montana. We make something out of nothing all the time. It is our special western alchemy. The development of the skatepark is an ideal example of this. Heck, we are all here because we want to spend as much time outside playing as we possibly can.

A group of volunteers from GVSA moved a skate ramp from Big Sky to Bozeman’s 100-Acre Regional Park. It’s the first step to bring a permanent skateboarding feature to the largest park around Bozeman.

Working with Michael Harris, the director of Gallatin County Conservation and Parks, along with the Friends of the Regional Park and the Bozeman Optimists Club, the GVSA organized the relocation and rebuilding the wooden ramp from Big Sky. 

To get the skate ramp down the canyon GVSA had to cut it apart into 5 sections. The skate park will be situated south of the Dino Playground and the Kiwanis Picnic Building. During the month of June volunteers will reassemble and resurface the old skate ramp.  The dream is to have the wooden ramp skate-able by June 21st in conjunction with National Go Skateboarding Day .

Montana Parent always supports getting kids outside and having a good time. In the summertime when we can't be on the slopes, skating is a fabulous alternative. In fact, we ran a cover story about fathers and skateboarding as well as the existing skate bowl in Kirk Park in the June 2011 issue.  Montana Parent June/July 2011  Read Leigh’s article on page 8.

The rebuilding of the wood ramp is to create a new venue for skating, the ultimate dream is to build a new 30,000 sq. ft. concrete feature in the future. Realistically this will only happen through contributions from locals and volunteer support from people like you.

To get involved contact Travis or Brian at the Gallatin Valley Skatepark Association . GVSA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization committed to building the new skatepark in Bozeman. Click Here for the GVSA Facebook Page . If you want to send a check right now simply write it to GVSA and mail it to Big Sky Western Bank, PO Box 677, Bozeman, MT 59771. We’ll thank you later!


All my best, BunnyFufu

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