Group Hug and a Giveaway

April 16, 2013

Posted By: Bozemama

Maybe you're not having the best week. Spring teases us by springing and disappearing; sad and scary things happened in Boston yesterday. We at Montana Parent want to give our dear readers a big group hug. Whaddya say? Let's all give ourselves and nice big hug. Mmmm . . . Nice.

OK. Now, we also want to offer you and your beloved family free tickets to the Yellowstone Ballet's  fabulous new ballet,  The Elves and the Shoemaker this weekend.

This is a delightful, fairy-tale classic about a poor shoemaker visited by magical elves who help him prosper by ingenuity and thrift. This world-premiere features an original musical score by composer Dean Anderson and artistic direction by award-winning choreographer Kathleen Rakela. What a lovely way to spend a few hours with your family!

We are giving away:  

--one set of four (4) tickets and one set of two (2) tickets to the Saturday 1 p.m. performance at the Belgrade High School Auditorium and 

--three sets of two (2) tickets to the 4 p.m. performance at the same location. 

How can you win?

Easy. I want to hear about your very besty favorite pair of shoes and why you love them. Let's hear it. Leave your story in the comment section below to enter. We'll pick a winner by 5 o'clock today.

(Now, if you didn't get tickets in today's giveaway or would like more tickets, then please visit Yellowstone Ballet's website  to buy them online.)

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