Great Board Game for Everyone!

November 25, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

I am so excited to tell you about a game that we recently discovered!

This game is based one of those extraordinarily simple concepts that is completely addictive and catchy that it will leave you wondering how it wasn't produced before. It just came out in September of this year.

Basic facts:

  1. Nobody loses
  2. It gets everyone talking and laughing
  3. Really is age appropriate for anyone who is verbal

The game play is simple. There is a circular board with dotted lines. The idea is to make associations between the tiles. On the tiles are simple pictures. Each player gets 8 tiles and you take turns laying them out and explaining the associations.

What does the tea kettle have to do with the pinwheel? The answer can be anything you dream up!

We modified the rules a little bit.

The first round is for laying the original 7 tiles on the board.

Second round you get to replace a tile - as long as you can make an association. Super good warm up!

The following rounds, each player replaces a tile but tells a 'story' from beginning to end using all of the objects on the tiles.

Sounds like it might be a little challenging right? But it's not. It's just good fun and you will be completely amused with what your friends and family come up with! 100% pressure free word association silliness.

Connexio is made by Chronicle Books.

Connexio -A Game of Infinite Associations and Imagination

By Lea Redmond

7 1/4 x 7 1/4 in; 14-in diameter round game board; 85 2-in diameter game pieces in a drawstring cloth bag, shrink-wrapped, Ages 6 and up (although with help and smiles - much younger kids can play, too!)

ISBN 9781452115320

ISBN10 145211532X



We recently asked you to tell us about you and your children's favorite board games. And you gave us a wonderful list:

My 7 year old twins love Battleship and chess!

My 2 and 4-year-old love The Cat in the Hat "I Can Do That." It has them crabwalking, around a chair, with a fish on their heads.

Yatzee 4+ great for learning adding!

Kill Dr. Lucky! Reminds me of clue!

The Office Clue board game!

My 11 year old just started enjoying Stratego! That was my favorite game as a kid.

My 6-year-old is crazy about SORRY. It also served as a great vocabulary teaching tool as she now understands the concept of "revenge".

My three year old loves Zingo.

And Bananagrams!

Apples to Apples - great for beginning readers through adults.

Happy Gaming!


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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