Giving Thanks.  Gratitude all year long with your own gratitude jar

December 11, 2018

Posted By: Jessica Geary-Cecotti


The holiday season is upon us! This is the one time a year where we give thanks, and have gratitude for all the amazing things we are blessed with. Growing up, my family had huge holiday get-togethers with delicious food, and so much laughter, smiles and cheers. Once particular tradition what we would partake in was telling everyone what we were thankful for before we ate our thanksgiving and Christmas meal. It set the tone for a beautiful meal, and a togetherness of love. A few years ago, I started to incorporate gratitude every day, through a gratitude journal, or through using a gratitude jar. I mean why not? Gratitude does not have to be just a once a year event.

What exactly is gratitude and why is it so important for us to give thanks? Gratitude is taking a moment to give thanks to the big and small positive things in our lives. Giving thanks helps us see the beauty in the world, and the blessings we are given. Practicing gratitude fosters empathy and compassion, and sets us on a route to more positive thinking and healthy habits. Giving thanks stops up from getting caught up in the “I don’t have enough” mentality and the rush for more “things.” It keeps us in the present moment. According to  Psychology Today , expressing being grateful can increase health and happiness, and is associated with increased energy and optimism.

A big part of the health and wellness plan I put many of my patients on is starting a gratitude practice. It is very healing, and opens the energetic doors for love, and abundance. This holiday season, I encourage you to practice gratitude ALL year long, and it is easy, especially with your own gratitude jar.

A gratitude jar is a jar (or box) that you place written gratitude’s in. Every day you come together and write down what you are grateful for that day and place it in the jar. At the end of the year you open it and read it out loud.

How to create a Gratitude Jar

1. Find a large mason jar, or box with a lid. Take the time to decorate it with paint, stickers, ribbons, or simply leave it clear. Children can take part in this and have a great time with a fun art project.

2. Put the jar in a shared space in your home where you and your family spend a lot of time together.

3. Place a small sticky pad, or piece of paper with a pen next to the jar.

4. Every day, spend a moment writing down what you are grateful for that day. Maybe it is something that happened a school, or at work. Maybe it is something small, or something major. Everyone can write what they are grateful for and put it in the jar.

5. Watch the gratitude jar fill, and experience the amazing positive energy is bring to your house

6. At the end of the year, get together with your family and dump the jar, and share all the amazing blessings you have encountered over the year. This is so emotionally beautiful and will fill your heart with happiness.

7. Start another jar!

A gratitude jar is a GREAT Christmas gift. Decorate it, and place a beautiful note inside, explaining what the jar is, and how it can be used. I’ve given this gift out for many years and everyone has absolutely loved it.


Rhianna Weaver is an herbalist, acupuncturist, and owner of Big Sky Fertility and Wellness in Bozeman Montana. She is also a mom and wife, lover of the outdoors, and a bookworm. You will usually catch her with a smile on her face, and a willingness to help with love and compassion. Feel free to reach out with any questions at 406-518-1887 or visit

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