Give Yourself Thanks

November 21, 2014

Posted By: Bozemama

Thanksgiving is all about food and family, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s also the giving thanks and the football and maybe a parade, but we all know what turkey day is really about: It’s about family gathering at the table and breaking bread together. And it’s the best.

But, to be honest, I must admit that I always bump up against this one pesky conundrum year after year, and I’ve decided that this is going to be the year that I break the pattern. Here’s the problem: Every year I rise at dawn on Thanksgiving, spend all day in the kitchen and then don’t really see my family again until we all sit down to dinner. We have a lovely meal together . . . and then I’m back in the kitchen doing the dishes for another two hours. Does this happen to you? I mean, yes, I see my kids throughout the day here and there and they might even help me peel some potatoes or bake a pie, but it’s just not enough. Plus, I’m so distracted that I always forget to provide them with a proper breakfast or lunch, which leaves them hangry and feeling neglected and me guilt-ridden. It’s not good.

So, here’s the solution: This year, I am going to get some perspective, be kind to myself and thankful to my family by heading up to The Daily Coffee Bar on North Rouse and picking up some treats made by someone else. Genius, right?! Now, I’m not thinking anything crazy, just some breakfast goodies for the kids, and maybe a (yum!) maple pecan pie for us all to share after dinner (which, I will have already pre-ordered of course, because this is a perfect universe and I am very organized). And perhaps we’ll also bring home a bacon-cheddar frittata to keep everyone going until we all take our seats for dinner much later than planned (because that’s what always happens . . . .)

Of course, I’ll still make our traditional pumpkin pie and the other standards, but I won’t go crazy like I often do. Here’s one thing I’ve learned after 15 years of parenting: Kids really don’t care if the chestnuts in the stuffing were roasted and hand peeled or if they came out of a jar. And, if they do, then roast the chestnuts but take other shortcuts that allow you more free time to spend with them.

I’ve got an awesome strategy for next Thursday: Get up at a reasonable hour, cheerfully take the kids to The Daily where we can start the day off right with gingerbread lattes (made with homemade syrup), scones, steamers and bee sting buns. Then, once I’ve got the turkey in the oven and the sides made, we will gather around and play board games and laugh till our sides hurt just like in a Norman Rockwell painting. We’ll pick at the pumpkin rolls we got at The Daily earlier and these happy moments will sustain me as I do the dishes late into the night. Perfect.

The Daily Coffee Bar at North Rouse and Oak will be open Thanksgiving Day from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Please don’t forget to place all orders for pies, frittatas, pumpkin rolls by November 24th by calling 585-4574.

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