Get Paid to Get Clean - Part II

November 01, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

{Editor's Note: I participated in the first half of the hand washing lab - until the stomach flu, which was totally unrelated to the test - reared its very ugly head. That being said, the testing part is a cinch. 

Basically, you sign up at least 7 days prior to the test - and in this case, we were given strict product restrictions - lotions, soaps, detergents to avoid prior to the test day. That was the most challenging part. 

On the test day, you show up, fill out some paperwork, are given a plastic lab coat with a number, and proceed to learn to wash your hands. Over and over, which ultimately results is testing the effectiveness of the product in question. 

The lab techs are awesome and easy to work with. All in all, if you've got a few hours to spare on the test day, and are willing to use the products they offer the 7 previous days - then it's easy money!

I must add, in the case of my unforeseen illness, the staff was extremely kind and sensitive to my needs. They even followed up with a phone call and email to check on me the following day!}

Here's the deal

BioScience Labs needs participants - YOU - to help test products and their effectiveness at protecting against common bacteria and viruses in everyday living.

Being the "go-getter-germ-killer" that I am, I signed up for a hand-wash study.

I met with the super team at BioScience labs, completed some paperwork, and received products to use for the next 7 days prior to my "testing" day.

One week after my test day, I can go back to BioScience Labs and receive my check.

Money? For hand-washing?

I'll take it.

Learn More

BioScience Labs invites YOU to come and learn more about what they do at a special informal session that is open to the public. Enjoy refreshments and a facility tour while learning about how you can test products - and earn some extra cash!

Special Event Dates:

November 7, 2012 from 6pm - 7pm and December 5, 2012 from 6pm - 7pm

BioScience Laboratories Recruiting Office

1765 S. 19th Avenue, Bozeman. To register for this FREE event, CLICK HERE!

To reserve a space at either of these events, visit

Got questions? Call Bio Science Labs directly 406-587-5735



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