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September 04, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Last week I shared my tumultuous feelings over my son beginning his final year of high school. The last stepping stone prior to jumping into the collegiate pond  - and beyond.

Of course, out of one side of my mouth, I tell Sexy Hubby, "This time next year, we'll be moving Skippy into the Montana State University dorms." {God willing!!} Immediately followed by, "This time next year, if we want to take a vacation - WE CAN! There will be nothing to stop us."

I also shared a brief story that "high-lighted" my son's SECOND day of pre-school. If you recall, his first day of pre-school was perfect. He walked in, said goodbye and I left - crying to myself.

It was the second through 90th day that brought stomach gasses into my esophagus, as once the "pre-schooler" knew what to expect (read= being left behind) he protested in a major way - crying, clinging, with dozens of yelps of "mommy-don't-go" until the teacher and I worked out a routine of disengagement - I would walk in the classroom, and she would immediately pick him up so I could make my inevitable escape.

I don't recall that we ever talked to him about separation anxiety. Would he have understood? Would it have changed the course of our history? Would it have made the morning drop-off hell and less hellacious any sooner? What memories linger in his young mind about that time in his early life?

I cannot say, nor do I want to deeply consider. Once that time had passed, I wasn't about to look back. Not for anything.

Fast forward nearly two years, my son is now safely ensconced in his Kindergarten - First Grade mixed classroom, nearing the end of the school year, and a piece of artwork comes home, strewn about with corrected spelling tests and smashed lunch left-overs.

The fact that A) I noticed this artwork was one thing (parents, you know how many pieces of art de resistance come home in a given day? Especially at the end of the year when the teacher is clearing the classroom clutter) and B) I actually SAVED it - is nothing short of a miracle.

As I was preparing to write this blog post, Sexy Hubby saw this artwork sitting near the printer. Apparently he had never seen it, or didn't remember it, but we both got a chuckle and warmed hearts upon seeing it again.

Parental Tip #234: Only save the artwork that makes an impact - especially the pieces that are drawn from the artistic minds of babes.

{Or from seemingly horrifying memories that will haunt the little darlings well into adulthood...}

May 2000

First day of Kindergarden

Robens Nest

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