For the Birds

March 20, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Son! Look! There's an eagle in the cottonwoods! Yay!

Wow, cool. Hi Eagle!

Every year they come back about now. For the next few weeks every time I look at the cottonwoods there will be an eagle or 3. They are majestic.

I love how they perch up top with their snacks. Balanced on one claw, holding the other up to eat. Kinda freaks me out too. I mean, they are seriously big birds of prey. We will not be adopting my dream pocket-dog anytime soon.

But this is what spring is. We've all weathered the time change. And the trees and grass are showing signs of life. And all the birds are getting more and more vocal in the mornings.

There is a woodpecker in our maple. His hammering demands my attention. I can't not look. I always think about the tremendous headache he must have. Last summer, that dingy bird was trying to hammer into the metal flange on the top of our chimney. It was quite a racket. He kept trying off-and-on for about a week. When I first heard the noise, I worried that all the pipes in my house were going to explode. But after I figured it out, I just went outside an told him, "Move on Buddy! Go find a tree!!!!"

But I think they are all great. The big ones, little ones, the colorful and the dull. I am so excited to see the hummingbirds come back when my bee-balm blooms.

Mom, Why do you always talk about the birds?

Well, son. . . two things. Birds are amazing, they FLY!  But also, my dear, your mother is deeply nerdy. It's a burden that you'll just have to bear.


Just for good measure, Here is a wonderfully, beautifully, ugly baby that I am so happy is in this world.

From HuffPo :

"Two-week-old Wesa is the first California condor chick of the season born to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2013. The condor puppet is like a glove and used by keepers to care for the baby bird and avoid it identifying with humans.

California condors are listed as critically endangered. When the zoo began its captive breeding program in the 1980s, there were only 22 birds in the wild. Since then, the zoo has hatched 173 chicks and released 80 birds into the wild. There are now an estimated 400 wild birds."


All my best, Bunnyfufu

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