Fisher Blacksmithing and the American Dream - by Gloria Overcash

September 11, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

There is something really special about watching small, local businesses succeed. Just knowing that the “American Dream” of building a sustainable livelihood doing what you love is still attainable with a stroke of luck and a lot of hard work is inspiring and encouraging. We are fortunate in Bozeman to be home to many thriving small businesses and a population of people who understand the importance of keeping our dollars floating in the local economy. Supporting one another has become a way of life for many Bozeman residents who favor connection in commerce over big box stores and internet sales.

One such local business, Fisher Blacksmithing, is on the brink of huge business growth and expansion- but only with the help and support of our community. Tuli Fisher was selected by Martha Stewart Living Magazine as a finalist in the “American Made” Audience Choice Competition for his beautiful and functional hand forged garden tools. Using traditional blacksmithing techniques and often incorporating recycled materials such as sickle sections from hay mowers, rebar from nearby construction sites, and wood from city tree trimming, Tuli’s garden tools are a sustainable answer to the mass produced items

lining the shelves of the big box stores and a true joy to garden with.

Tuli has partnered with the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and if he wins, has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to the food bank. Because it is really all about food, gardening, sustainability, and giving back, which are values that Fisher Blacksmithing shares with the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Until September 24, 2012, the public may vote once per day on the Martha Stewart website for Tuli Fisher’s handcrafted, heirloom quality garden tools. Each and every vote counts and the competition is intense. We know that Bozeman is capable of rallying to support this small business! Thank you for

your support!

To vote, please click the following link and then the red button “VOTE!” Enter your email address and follow the instructions. It is a quick process and normally only takes a couple of seconds. Remember to do it every day for maximum impact!

All Photos Courtesy of Rab Cummings

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