First Time

May 17, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Don't you just love this graphic? I think it's really true, but in my head it's more like planetary distances away.  I wrote earlier in the week about not being a runner but wanting to be in this blog. And I got a load of good suggestions and realized that there is nothing to it but to do it.

I went to running club last night. It felt a little like being a visitor from planet OOS-Mommy (out of shape) when walking into the room. I was nervous, I didn't dress right. The storm that passed through right before the club was scheduled to meet looked like it might make me have to forestall my plans of trying to run. Oh, darn.

But the weather cleared and I am a tough bird. So, I went for it. My plan going in was to walk half and run half, which I did. Block by block. Here's the route I took.

It's 2.5 miles. It took about a half an hour, walking it would take probably 45 minutes. If you wanted to get off Main street that is easy enough to do and it won't shorten your route much.

I can do that three times a week, right? You know, I feel pretty good and I did have a bit of a rush. I like twitchy-tired muscles and I was pretty proud of myself for simply starting. And as far as landing on planet magic? I'm not there yet but I have decidedly left my comfort zone


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