Finding Balance

April 21, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

While talking to a friend the other day, we stumbled across some truth. She’s in that all too familiar position of transitioning from full-time stay at home mommy-ing to finding her path in a career that will provide for her family. She’s creative and talented and a bit whipsawed by the reality of re-entering the workforce.

Having used her time well during her tenure as an at home parent, honing her skills in photography, writing and fitness/nutrition, she looks up and sees financial realities of being a freshly divorced parent and wonders how to translate those skills into cash money. As any artist will attest, that is no mean feat.

Ok, then. That is some tough stuff. Big-life kind of stuff. Stuff that she wants to get sorted out so she can be the kind of example for her kids that she wants to be. Plus, so she can still shop at the co-op and afford outdoor equipment. I don’t have any answers for her, but I do have a lot of empathy.

In Bozeman, we are a bit spoiled. It’s lovely here and we have great schools. There are so many options to get outside and enjoy life. Roll down the river with friends. Ski in the winter, hike in the summer. Piles of festivals, summer camp options abound. The list goes on and on. Our tribe is a really fun tribe.

By and large it is a stable and fairly affluent tribe to boot. When you find yourself slipping, well, that is an uncomfortable and vulnerable place to be.

So when do your dreams change and what do you compromise to get to your bigger goals? All the while staying true to you. And what are the bigger goals anyway?!? Yikes.

We talked about the work/life balance. Potential avenues to pursue that would be a solid footing so she could afford to continue the photography that satisfies her passion to be creative. Wondered about local businesses that are inline with her desire to create a more healthful world. And I shared my secret dream of becoming a Costco checkout clerk. Just imagine it for a moment. I think it is probably the most Zen job that a person can think of. I can be efficient and friendly to a lot of people in a short time span. I am not likely to agonize about those interactions after the job is done for the day. Perfection.

I’m being a smart aleck but I promise you, I am coming to a point.

There is a yogic principal about how the work that you want to do the least is probably the work that you need to do the most. In my overall fitness pursuits – the thing I enjoy the least is running. I run grumpy. I rarely have a beautiful stride. I can do it though, because I like to be outside and feel the air moving past my face. I like twitchy post run legs. It makes me stronger. But the main reason I do it is that it informs and improves my favorite-fun-playful workout – Aerial yoga. That is my payday.

So maybe, just as being a parent has enriched her skills and informed her point of view as an artist and member of the community, the day to day work of being the person who rings up her neighbors groceries or whatever job fills that role of a day job will give her some ease and make her stronger as an artist, a provider and a mom.

Maybe. . .


All my best, BunnyFufu ~  The Housewife

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