Family Favorites - Camping Spots

July 25, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

After I got back from my family adventure I realized that I have a limited knowledge of great places to camp with my family. And we thought it would be great to come up with a community powered list of good places to camp!

I personally love cabin camping with the kids. KOAs are usually pretty darn nice and the Yellowstone KOA, located just outside of West Yellowstone, is particularly  fun for a family outing. There is a pool, miniature golf, 4-person bike rentals. It really is a fun place and it's clean and the people are nice.

When my kids are a little bigger and ready to backpack in a ways, we'll use the state forest service cabins . It is a wonderful resource and we are so lucky that these are available. There are some that you don't have to hike into, but I always love making that part of the adventure.

You can help us by commenting below and adding your favorite spots. I have a $25 Country Bookshelf gift card to giveaway in appreciation, and we'll give that to the person who has the most (+) plus signs next to their comment next week. C'mon and help us build the list!

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