Eyelash Extensions - Yay or Nay?!?

February 03, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy


This is an absolute and resounding YAY!

About a week ago, I had my lashes one. I met RoseAnna Leary of Bella Lashes through a friend. And she's amazing.

Well, let me just say this, my friend Lyndsay and I were chatting and I couldn't help but notice her child-like eyelashes. Seriously, is there anything more perfect that little kid eyelashes? Of course I asked her if she was using some kind of kelp and bamboo, green-tea infused lash volumizer. She laughed and then deftly flicked her eyelashes with an index finger, like a teenager does to their hair while she told me her secret.

I'd heard about eyelash extensions before and the whole concept just kinda glanced off of my head. It seemed a little bit too fancy for a mama like me. Or even maybe a little bit scary. Glue synthetic eyelashes to my actual individual eyelashes? Eep! Is it expensive? Is it fussy?

I am blonde, my lashes aren't short or thin but you can't really even see them unless I'm wearing mascara. I do have some mascara that I really love the look of, but I am a little oily and not matter what I do, it seems to really smudge within the 1st 1/2 hour. Most days I just don't bother.

Lyndsay convinced me to give a go. Here is what sold me; For a morning makeup routine, all she does is brush her eyelashes and put on lip gloss. No kidding. Totally not fussy at all. And that's been my experience, too.

What's really fun about the whole thing though is that I didn't tell anybody I was doing it. It has been a hoot. Here is a list of reactions:

Did you get a haircut?

Are you growing your hair out?

OMG! Your lashes are fabulous! What are you doing differently!

Your eyes are amazing!

Mom, you look like Pink! (That one just made me laugh.)

And then there are also my friends who look , really look because they are just not quite sure if they are real. I've chosen to let them keep guessing.

At any rate, I couldn't be more pleased. What a perfect mid-winter pick-me-up. The whole experience at Bella Lash Studio was thoroughly relaxing. I could have fallen asleep. It's incredibly clean and professional. The room is white and bright, with lovely chandeliers in contrasting color. RoseAnna is focused 100% on lashes.

To find out more visit www.bellalashes.net .

And guess what you lucky Montana Parents. . .

In March, she's a sponsor for our Mama's Got a New Bag!

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