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February 07, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Here is an inexpensive DIY project that can jazz up a lonely corner in your living room, hang in front of a window or up against a blank wall to add a little interest in an otherwise simple design scheme. I've made these a few times to decorate for parties. The one shown here with high contrast red, pale wood grain, black and white circles was made for a baby's room.

What you'll need:

8 to 12 sheets of card stock, Thin satin ribbon, some kind of fancy paper clip or mini clothes pins, sharp scissors and tape.

I went to RoShamBo for my supplies because they have such a wonderful array of papers. And I chose the high contrast colors because during the first six months or so after their arrival, babies don't see very well. According to my research they are also drawn to round shapes. But even if I hadn't designed this with a baby in mind, I ended up really liking the circles. Leaf shapes work well, too. The trick is to vary the sizes.

Making your mobile.

    1.    Trace circles in varying sizes onto your card stock.

    2.    Carefully cut out and stack your shapes.

    3.    Make yourself a cup of strong coffee to get rid of the cross-eyed feeling that you now have from cutting out so many circles.

    4.    Cut ribbon, approx. four feet long and begin to arrange your mobile.

    5.    When you think you are close to how you want it to be, start clipping.

    6.    At this point, hang the completed ribbons with attached shapes so you can see if you need to move things around.

note:  I used four colors and yielded a total count of 28 circles, in three different sizes. ?This mobile is easy to pack up and pop in the mail. Fold each ribbon into a stack and put a piece of tissue paper in between. Slip into a mailing envelope and you're done.

RoShamBo is located in downtown Bozeman. For more info about all their wonderful papers check them out at http://www.roshambomt.com

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