Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs! by Bozemama

October 10, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

I’ve bought about a hundred different dogs in my mind over the years. It’s kind of

like shoes. Do you ever do this? I visualize the purchase in my imagination; feel

the adrenaline coursing through my veins, bask in the afterglow, consider the

myriad ways in which my expensive new acquisition will change my life forever:

I could wear these Manolos with seven different pairs of pants! I could carry this

Dachshund in my lap while I drive! I’m assuming there’s some psychological term

for this schizo behavior, but I just like to think of it as ALL of the pleasure with

NONE of the commitment. And then, like a toddler with an overpriced wooden toy

from Germany, I move on.

The funny thing is that I’ve lived with dogs for all of my 42 years and have never

actually bought one of my own. I went from my parents’ Golden Retrievers and

Brittany Spaniels to my husband’s Airedale and black Lab and am now on the cusp

of transitioning right into my daughter’s dog. Here’s the deal: Our family dog, Lola

the famous Lab, is now 13 (and a half). Considering that this equals 94 (and a half)

in human years, Lola is still going gangbusters and it’s hard to even contemplate the

day when this is no longer the case. Frankly, I’m still just waiting for Lola to lie down

and take a nap already. And – just to complicate matters even more because, why

not? -- My almost-13-year-old kid is now officially planning and plotting her first

dog purchase of her very own.

Like me, Hermione loves nothing more than leafing through the pages of her

tattered DK Dogs book and tagging the pages with her favorite breeds. At last count,

her favorites were:

Braque de Bourbonnais


Cairn Terrier

Border Terrier

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

German Hunting Terrier

Miniature/Standard Poodle

Canadian Eskimo Dog

That’s quite a list, right? Exciting. Most recently, however, she has narrowed it down

to a small dog. It must be a small dog and she will buy it herself for her 8 th grade

graduation. Why a small dog? Because ever since the age of three, all Hermione

has ever wanted is a dog that can ride on her lap on the airplane. The fact that

she flies the friendly skies maybe two, or perhaps three, times a year makes no

difference whatsoever. This has somehow become the key stipulation. As of today,

the miniature poodle is in the lead. Darn good choice if you ask me, but it won’t be

my dog, will it? No. It will be her dog.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my mom and her two very large and drooly Italian

Spinones who will soon be moving to Bozeman and taking up more of my doggie

bandwidth without actually being my dogs.

Is this a problem? I’m not sure. But it’s fun to contemplate and complain about.

Maybe it means that the Higher Powers That Be don’t think I can be trusted to

responsibly choose my own dog because they know deep down that I would

choose primarily for cuteness and color. Maybe it means that, when it comes to dog

ownership, I’m a cipher without any real input or impact of any kind. Still, I can’t

help but wonder whether I will ever get my own dog and what kind of dog I would

choose if I did.

I can picture it now: Cute little old blue-haired lady walking a wee frisky French

Bulldog who is perfectly trained, sweet as can be and, of course, hers and hers alone.

A girl can dream, can’t she?


Of course she can. And so can you. So please share your own pooch pipedreams with us below. And when you do so, you will also be qualifying yourself to win a $25 gift certificate to Bozeman’s very own hound happy emporium, dee-O-gee . Now there's something to howl about.

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