Crazy Mountain Grassfed Beef Cube Steak - Recipe

October 10, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy


Adapted from Nana Sarah of Wabash, IN - an extraordinary kitchen witch with experience in everything from industrial cooking to gourmet cuisine. She also seems to know the amazing secrets of sublime angel food cake.

Cube steak is one of those cuts in our meat shares that seems to baffle folks; they don’t know what to do with it. After sharing this quick recipe with our customers, many have come to love (as I do) this easy recipe for some delicious, nutritious midweek family protein. Make sure not to overcook the steak. Experiment with your own blend of spices and have fun.


» 2 pounds cube steak

» 2 eggs beaten

» 1 cup flour

» Spices to taste (I like just a pinch of salt and pepper, but garlic powder and savory spices can work nice too)

Directions :

» Beat eggs in one bowl (add a splash of milk if desired) » In another bowl, mix flour and spices » Dip steak in egg and then coat in flour. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat

» Add the steak to skillet and cook until brown (about 5 minutes per side) mp


Danielle Nicholas Fisher is the founder of Crazy Mountain Grassfed Beef, a 100% mama-owned artisanal grassfed beef company specializing in cow shares, bulk burger, primal cuts and nutrient-dense organ meats. Visit www. for more information. Danielle lives in Southwest Montana with her beef-loving husband, daughter and two dogs.

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