Communication and Teens

August 25, 2011

Posted By: Shaunescy

Anybody else struggling with a simple tool called communication with your teenagers?

Since the beginning of time, we've told our son, "We need to know where you are at all times." And, like every other child over the tender age of 8 in America, he's got his own cell phone. There are no excuses for not communicating.

Side note:  We previously lived on the north side of a mountain with no land line. So owning a cell phone was a necessity for him. Not sure about us?

Current communication problem:  16 year old habitually "forgets" to advise of his location.

Case in point:  For the last hundred (seemingly) Saturday's, our son gets on a bus headed to a sporting event. He leaves at o-dark hundred something and returns at o-dark hundred something else. Since we don’t accompany him on the bus, we ask that he alert us at the “transitions” – when he arrives at said location.  A simple text, or heaven forbid an actual phone call stating, “In Bozeman,” “In Billings,” “In transit” – whatever.

We haven’t asked this of him once, or twice, but on a regular basis. Seems he can’t remember.

Last Saturday night was the proverbial straw that broke Sexy Hubby into a million hysterical pieces.

We were attending a party nearby and would not be home when our sportsman was due to return. Thus, we made prior arrangements for the 16 year old to hang out with his older brother for a few hours. His only instruction was this simple instruction, "TEXT or CALL us when you get off the bus and/or arrive at your brother's apartment."


No math involved.

{Fade to black...}

From about 7:30pm (beginning of party) to about 10:00pm, Sexy Hubby was continually texting/calling our teenager, every 20 minutes, inquiring of his whereabouts.

I made a few calls as well.

At about 10:01pm, Sexy Hubby was over it.

New Communication House Rule:  "Communicate at Transitions."

When traveling from Point A to Point B, communicate (text or call!)

When a person “transitions” from Point B to Point C...communicate (text or call!)

When one stubs their baby toe, communicate (not really, but you get the idea.)

The party ended (for us) and soon for our son as well.

When we finally were able to chat with him face to face, he "discovered" the battery was out of his phone. He forgot to put it back.

When we asked, “Why didn't you call us to let us know you arrived safely?"

His only reply, “I forgot. My bad." Wrong answer.

Think the teenager will finally get it???

Jury is out .

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