Choosing the Right rug for your Child’s Bedroom

February 11, 2019

Posted By: Jessica Geary-Cecotti

Choosing the right rug for your child’s bedroom can sometimes seem very difficult, what with the startling array of choices, and you may feel a little bewildered. However, don’t be too confused, as there are a few simple rules that if you follow them, you can find a perfect rug.

All parents are concerned about their children’s health, and this may be the first consideration on your list: make sure that you choose a fabric that is hypoallergenic, or that will not irritate your children’s skin too much. The best choice in this case will be a natural fiber such as wool, which will be kind to your kid’s skin.

Another massive consideration will be cleaning: is the rug washable and will stains show up on the rug. A rug in a child’s room will inevitably need to be rugged and washable, as your kids (no matter how much of a little angel they are) will definitely spill things and make a mess. Also, color choice can be important, as a brilliant white rug will show every sin, whilst a darker color may not show as many stains.

Finally, let your kids get involved in the choice. They will probably want a rug that depicts their favorite cartoon character or their most watched TV program. Rugs are also available that can actually be part of your child’s play, for example that contain a puzzle board, or that can used as part of a game. This means that a child’s rug is not just part of the décor: it can be something that your child can enjoy.

Obviously, the tips above are not an exhaustive list of how to choose a rug. However, they are some of the most important. Our advice is to think about what you want from a rug. If you come up with a list of key considerations (a wish list if you will), then you are more likely to make the right choice.

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