Caption Contest Time! - Broad Comedy Ticket Giveaway - Day 2

November 19, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

This contest is closed. Check back tomorrow for your last chance to win a ticket!

What is Maggie all twisted out of shape about?

Can't you just see the f-word forming there?

We challenge you to produce the best fairy rant ever! Use any f-word except the actual f-word.  I know you have some awesome replacements!

(My preferred substitute is ' flip-flop '.)

It's caption contest time. Leave your best caption in the comments section below or on our facebook page and we will pick a winner tonight.

That clever and lucky person will get a free ticket to opening night of the

All New Broad Comedy Show!

Thursday, Nov 21st at 8:00 PM (doors open at 7:00)

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