BunnyFufu’s Wonder Planet Guide to Making the Pirates Feel Better - Acupuncture for Kids?

October 21, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

~by BunnyFufu

You've probably read parts one and two of our kids health series.

Bunnyfufu's Wonder Planet Guide to Making the...

Today I am writing about Acupuncture for kids.

I recently sat down with Bree Manninen L.Ac., at her practice Ascend Wellness to talk to her a little bit about it. Personally, I have had some pretty great experiences from acupuncture but was a little unsure just how it would go over with kids. I mean, needles? Really?

But I have to say that I am impressed with her as an individual. She strikes me as deeply straightforward and kind. She's worked with children since her high school days - mainly through outdoor therapeutic programs. That experience along with her training has provided her with a manner that creates trust between her and her patients, children and adults alike. She is simply a good listener who cares about instilling an overall understanding of the mind-body connection.

With young children there is an amazing opportunity for them to learn early on the ways that they are powerful actors in their health and well-being. Bree tells me that for her, it's all about meeting kids where they're at through play and age appropriate conversation. And with teens she works to support a positive understanding of the power within their bodies to heal.

Whew. Made me wish that I had met a practitioner like her when I was about 12 years old.

So here is a nuts and bolts rundown of what you need to know about acupuncture for kids.

  • First, You must build trust
  • Bring them in when they are healthy
  • Kids are super fast healers -- and the treatment is as well
  • She does not use the term needles with kids. Instead she calls them "taps"
  • The "taps" go in and are pulled out -- not retained, they kiddo isn't required to sit quietly for a length of time.
  • If the "taps" are just not going to be a positive experience she has other treatment options; acupressure, micro-current machine or a laser light. All of which can stimulate cellular regeneration, assist in the treatment of eczema, create various nervous system reactions, and even ease teething discomfort.

The most basic concept behind acupuncture is this. By stimulating points or areas a practitioner can enhance the nervous systems ability to move blood. From this stimulation and focused blood flow increase, internal organ function improves and supports the body's own ability to heal.

A full health history intake is preformed on the first visit to Ascend Wellness. Weight and height are recorded. She's trained to look in eyes and ears. And does a thorough job of it because she wants to insure correct treatment or refer the patient out. Always putting the client's best interest first.

Interested in learning more? Check it out for yourself!

Acupuncture Awareness Day is October 24th.

Bree is offering 3 different times to learn about acupuncture through out the day.

10am-12pm   Schedule your individual mini-stress treatment, 15 minutes for $10

3:30pm- 4:30pm Family Time!  Bring you kids and grab an after school snack!  During Family Time, Bree will be demonstrating the effective and health promoting non-needle techniques of Chinese Medicine!   No cost involved just curiosity!

5-7 pm Acupuncture Happy Hour!  Bring your friends for a mini-stress treatment! 20 minutes of pure relaxation for $10

The treatments on Acupuncture Awareness Day are designed to support the natural stress response and are not intended to provide treatment for any health concerns or conditions.

All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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