Build Mom a Planter Box - Free Junior Carpenter Mother’s Day Project at Kenyon Noble

May 08, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Recently, I tried to make Fairies in a Jar and ended up having kind of a Stinky Letdown in a Jar .  And if I were on an analyst's couch. . . I think it would soon be revealed that I am simply ready for the warmer months to begin.

Last year I went to Kenyon Noble and picked up everything I needed to make a  Fairy Garden . We have ours outside and I transplanted some of the plants indoors for the winter and put away all of the pieces. But this past weekend, the kids and I got down in the dirt and laid in the rocks for our newly redesigned masterpiece. I can hardly wait to go get a few more plants to fill it in!

And I don't have to wait because the Kenyon Noble Garden center is open! They opened up on May 1st and this Saturday, they are hosting one of their fabulous Junior Carpenter events in honor of Mother's Day.

So what does that mean?

Well, it's a free, fun, family event. The kids get to pound nails and make a container garden. Wood, nails, soil and plants are provided. Hot dogs are 50 cents and in the end. . .you get flowers.

Plus you can take your time wandering through the garden center and dream of all the projects you want to make. Dad can help the kids.

Kenyon Noble’s full service Garden Center has everything to accommodate the beginner gardener to the professional landscaper.  The Garden Center offers a wide variety of seeds, flowers, fruit and vegetable starts, mixed with a huge inventory of garden necessities, landscaping solutions and lawn care essentials.  The Garden Center also features unique pots, garden ornamentals, fountains, fairy gardens, ponds and greenhouses.

Kenyon Noble Garden Center Season Opening

Saturday, May 11th

11am – 2pm Mother’s Day Junior Carpenter Project

12pm – 2pm $.50 Hot Dog and Soda (All proceeds donated to the Montana Federation of Gardening Clubs)

12pm – 2pm Free Gardening Seminars

Kenyon Noble Bozeman (Garden Center facility)


Note: Junior Carpenter Mother’s Day Project (Junior Carpenter project will be at all three Kenyon Noble locations)

Junior Carpenter Project

-        Build Mom a Planter Box

-        Receive one free annual and potting soil

-        All materials provided by Kenyon Noble

-        Children must be accompanied by and adult

Free Expert Classes

-        Gardening for Small Spaces

-        Organic Gardening

-        Biomega 3 Camelina Meal

-        Constructing Growing Plans

Garden Center Highlights

-        Unique Pottery & Garden Ornamentals

-        Fountains/Water Features

-        Fairy Gardens

-        Fruit & Vegetable Starts

-        Herbs

-        Annuals

-        Seeds

-        Landscaping Material


All My Best, BunnyFufu

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