Broad Comedy Hits 15—A Look Back

October 07, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy


I have been a feisty “Broad” for 15 years and a bleary-eyed mom for 11. When my co- writer and husband, Soren Kisiel, and I had our son, we suddenly, shall we say, had a lot more material for comedy.

The best parenting advice I ever received was to “Channel it creatively. So you don’t strangle them.” And so we did.

Although Broad Comedy is known for both liberal politics as well as “mom stuff,” we’ve noticed over the years how more and more “the political is personal” and we’ve been told that it’s this mix that holds our audience’s attention. And while we can share very few of the jokes in these fine, civilized and respected pages (this show ain’t for kids!), we promise that this year’s 15th anniversary production of all new satirical songs and sketch comedy will showcase more of that. Plus a few things that would make Eric Cantor blush.

Fifteen years. Wow. We were worried when Obama was elected because we thought we wouldn’t have enough material. Well, that was sadly optimistic; unfortunately we’ve had plenty. But a decade-and-a-half, two Bush and two complicated Obama presidencies later, we are still “channeling it.” Otherwise we’d lose our minds.

And life goes on. Kids grow. We used to write jokes about breast pumps, now we write jokes with actresses Cara Wilder and Erin Roberg dressed as giant yellow birds watching forlornly as their children leave the nest. Although, they did perk up once they thought about what they would have more time for... ahem.

There will never be a lack of fodder from our children, it seems. Only it’s more obscured now so that our middle-schooler doesn’t sue us. Although we fear he may decide to write about us one of these days.

Contest for Montana Parent readers and Broad Comedy fans: Be sure to submit your idea for a sketch using several (as many as you want) of our most memorable costumes and props. We will combine these into one new sketch for the fall show and you will receive two complimentary tickets to opening night, Thursday November 20, 2014.

For tickets, go to , or stop by Cactus Records. Tickets are $21 in advance (no extra fees) or $25 at the door. Student Thursday Night tickets are $15. VIP reserved prime seats are $35 and there’s no waiting in line. Call 406-522-7623 for


groups or other questions.

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