July 01, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Yesterday, I ran.

I ran a full mile without taking a walking break. This is something I don't believe that I have ever done in my life. Ever. I think I cheated it in my schooldays. And even though I have been working at this goal of training for the Sweet Pea 5k for a while, it's been run some walk some, repeat.

For me because this is all so outside of my knowledge base, figuring things out, like how to determine what is a mile. How to know that in my body has been a challenge.

So yesterday morning, my family piled in the car. We found a quiet road. Drove a mile, returned to the starting-line and I got out. They met me at the end. Cheering, "Go-Mommy! Go!". My son shouting his rally call of, "C'mon Mom! Show me what you're made of!!!"

I've been posting running route maps from the Wednesday night meet up, by using MapMyRun . Do any of you have websites or apps that you find helpful? I like that MapMyRun marks miles as you go. It's helping me get my head around it a little.

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