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December 21, 2012

Posted By: Bozemama

We rocked it at Earth's Treasures where we found goodies, both boyish and girlish

I’m about as girly as they come. I mean I can channel my macho if necessary, but I’ll do it in lipstick and heels. So I feel pretty lucky to have a teenage daughter who is (currently) at a stage (for the time being) where she and I can have fun together (I know it won’t last) shopping, going to the salon and getting our girliness on. The only downside to all this female bonding? The moaning and groaning we must endure from nine-year-old brother Charlie, who has really and truly asked us probably a dozen times now, “When are you guys going to stop talking about hair ?!?”

Poor Charlie. He actually thinks there might be an end to his suffering. So young. So naïve in the ways of the world. I feel sorry for him, I really do, until I remember how lucky he is to have a sister who does his hair and a mom who has instilled in him an early appreciation for the critical benefits of moisturizer. And, please, let us not ignore the fact that Hermione regularly wrestles with him, while I – yes, it’s true – have been known to engage in some swordplay.

Bug bracelets are so Johnny Depp cool. Pair with jeans and boots -- love it

And so, come Christmas, it’s pretty easy for me to shop for Hermione. We still have similar taste (I’m sure it’s just a phase) and I am giddy with great ideas. This is not always the case with Charlie. I mean how many Legos can one person own? Thing is, Charlie doesn’t ask for much; mostly he just wants weapons or books about weapons, so it can be tough for a mama to come up with creative gift ideas that (in Charlie’s words) “are awesome and don’t suck” but aren’t intended to maim.

This is why it was such a big deal when I recently discovered Earth’s Treasures on Willson in Bozeman. After driving by the unsuspecting storefront over the years, I finally decided to pop in and check it out. So glad I did. This place is crazy awesome, OK? I mean you can shop for dinosaur poop (technically fossilized and officially called Coprolite, but still ) and pearl earrings in the same store. Seriously. I got so excited after going in by myself that I brought the kids after to see if they would get as geeked out as I did over the wall of framed bugs (at once stunning and terrifying) and see if I could suss out some suggestions for Santa.

These butterflies are just gorgeous and would make any girly bedroom even girlier

As soon as Charlie spotted the framed bat with his wings spread and fangs bared, I knew we’d hit jackpot gold. Even Hermione was drawn in by the exquisite butterflies and jewelry, along with the prehistoric horse teeth and rose quartz sculptures.

The best thing about Earth’s Treasures is that it could not be more kid friendly without actually being creepy. Owner Patti opened the store 23 years ago as a single mom so that her own children could be involved in her career. And store manager Pauly loves nothing more than giving kids a tour of all her favorite stuff in the shop. Patti and Pauly cater to collectors around the country, but they also pride themselves on running the kind of place where a kid can spend their allowance on something cool that is neither plastic nor made of sugar. You can buy rocks for 50 cents, rings for under $2 and they even have grab bags filled with mysterious treasures for $4.50.

Sorry, but this is where I draw the line. Please, Santa Baby, please forget the bat

It was so much fun watching Charlie agonize over whether to get a megalodon tooth or a horned beetle while Hermione debated between earrings of pearl or Blue Morpho wings. After an hour of oohing, aaahing and touching (and even learning a thing or two), we finally dragged ourselves away with both kids clinging to the new treasures they bought themselves (Patti gives them a small discount when they do that!) and having drafted wish lists for Santa to check out. Happy to have discovered a place where both kids can feel the joy, I drove away secretly hoping that Santa will do me a kindness this year and maybe forego the framed bat. Think I can bribe him with cookies?

Earth’s Treasures, 25 N. Willson Ave., Suite B, Bozeman, MT 59715. 406-586-3451.

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