Boo Bags at the Children’s Museum of Bozeman - starting tomorrow 10/03/14

October 02, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

You’ve Been Boo’d!

This sweet surprise is called a “boo”

You’ll never know exactly who

Brought treats and then ran off unseen

To brighten up your Halloween!

It’s twice the good luck if you go

And “Boo” two other folks you know!

Pack up a ghost sign, treats, and gifts

And add a poem just like this.

Pick out a house and sneak up close.

Make sure its windows have no ghost

That tells you clearly

“We’ve been Boo’d”

It’s best to visit someplace new.

Knock fast on someone’s door – then RUN!

Make sure you’re never seen! It’s FUN!

And once they get your gifts and food,

They know for sure that….

They’ve been Boo’d!

Boo Bags on Sale at CMB!

"It's the Halloween craze that's sweeping the nation! We've made our own beautiful "Boo Bags" here at CMB - purchase one today to deliver to friends and neighbors as the holiday approaches. Don't delay: our supply is limited."

Boo Bags are $5 each at CMB which is a really good deal and a lot less work for you!

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