Body Language Cheat Sheet - Fun little game for Holiday Parties!

December 10, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

On Page 41 of the December issue there is an article titled, "Actions Speak Loudest," written by Stacy Tompkins. I just love it. It is a body language cheat sheet. She closes with, "May your holidays be filled with unexpected understanding." Ooh, that sounds like a challenge that the more mischievous me could really dive into! I know myself though. There is no way I'd be able to memorize all of the postures and gestures that she shared from Frank Basili's, Body Language but I could focus on a couple of those and decide to actively use them! I don't know about you, but there are so many parties and functions and concerts that it makes my head spin.

And you might not guess that I am a bit of an introvert, seeing as I am constantly writing up my thoughts and whims for everyone to see . . . Then again, maybe you would guess that, given that I work behind a screen, hunched over a keyboard like a shut-in. Just kidding. I'm truly not that shy or reclusive but, I could use a little more confidence and poise at grown-up parties, I am really out of practice. Oh sure, covered in my kids food or paint, I am right at home. Clean me up and put a cocktail in my hand and I get a little nervous.

So here is the list. I've bolded the poses that I have actively put into my repertoire. When I start to feel a little distracted/nervous/day-dreamy, I just remember to employ one of these postures. The most amazing thing happened! I felt the things I was trying to emote.

  • Direct eye contact = honesty and sincerity
  • Hands on hips and feet apart = enthusiastic readiness
  • Pinching bridge of nose with eyes closed = critical evaluation
  • Placing hand on cheek or stroking chin = interest, thinking, consideration of matter
  • Cupping hand(s) over mouth = nervous or trying to hold something back
  • Leaning back with both hands supporting head = confidence and/or superiority
  • Rubbing back of hand or back of neck = frustration or worry
  • Gently rubbing behind or beside ear with index finger = Doubt, skepticism
  • Folding hands behind back while standing = authority or superior attitude
  • Making a steeple with fingers = self-confidence, considering something
  • Tightly clenched hands or wringing = frustration, anxiety, resistance, Defensiveness
  • Sideways glance = suspicion
  • Head tilted = attention and interest
  • Looking up with fixed expression while blinking rapidly = seriously considering, reflecting
  • One eyebrow raised = Disbelief
  • Two eyebrows raised = surprise
  • Rubbing palms together = eagerness and expectancy
  • Running fingers through hair = frustration
  • Jabbing index finger continuously = frustration, anger
  • Lightly rubbing or touching nose = Doubt, uncertainty
  • Scratching head = confusion
  • Drumming fingers = impatience
  • Jingling coins in pockets = impatience
  • Tugging at pants = nervousness or anxiety
  • Tightly closed arms = Defensiveness
  • Arms open and extended = openness
  • Tightly crossed arms and legs = extreme negative attitude
  • Tapping feet = impatience
  • Legs crossed, foot moving in circular motion = boredom and impatience
  • Sitting on edge of chair and leaning forward = interest and involvement
  • Slow pace walking, head Down with hands behind back = preoccupation or thinking
  • Leaning forward is generally positive leaning back is generally negative
  • Turning body away = skepticism, Defensiveness
  • Sitting with feet on Desk = Dominant, superior attitude
  • Tugging at ears or lips = eagerness to interrupt the speaker
  • Hands in Jacket pockets = Defensiveness
  • Use of hands natural and unrestricted = confidence, openness

May your holidays be filled with unexpected understanding -- of yourself!


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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