Black Bull Golf Community - What is it all about?

October 11, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Well, I like to go poking around in unfamiliar settings sometimes, don't you? I get into Nancy

Drew mode and try to see things a little bit differently than I had before. Checking out Black Bull last week was pretty interesting.

Black Bull is located at 4711 Love Lane, north of Huffine and south of Baxter. Just a stone's

throw from the airport and downtown. It is 485 acres of super lush and luxuriously planned

exclusive community. What does that mean?

Does it mean that there is a gate and a guard and dobermans named Brutus and Freyja ranging about?

No. There is no gate. It's very obvious when you are inside Black Bull but, it's not

locked down in that creepy, uptight, black-helicopter way. I didn't notice a single bodyguard, but who knows maybe all of the golf pros and club staff are secret ninjas. I can't say for sure, but they were a good looking lot. . . almost too good-looking if you know what I mean.

Or does it mean that its residents are S.K.I. (spending the kid's inheritance) retirees?

Nope. This little tidbit really surprised me. The median age of a potential buyer at Black Bull is 38. Probably because of its inherent awesomeness and great location.

There are ' club homes ,' which are pre-designed by Locati architects. Pricing depends on which of the six models that a buyer chooses and the finish package that they decide on. My new dream home is the Fairway Club Home that I got to peek at. With gorgeous mountain and golf course views through every window and furnishings so modern and beautiful, that I felt for a moment like I'd wandered into the home that I made up in my brain with a little help from Pinterest. Sigh.

Also, one could choose to buy a custom homesite and then build a house designed by their

own preferred architect, provided that it meets with the architectural guidelines. Lots like this are roughly $130k - $210k.

I took a tour around the practice green and through the clubhouse and fitness center. The pool is gorgeous and attended by a life guard through the summer. They even have a maintained ice skating pond in the winter as well as snow shoeing and XC skiing.

These facilities are for the exclusive use of Black Bull property owners. There are two options for club memberships . Being that I am a terrible golfer but enjoy hitting a bucket of balls

every now and again I'd probably opt for the social membership which includes full access to

all club facilities and programs, including the Corral Clubhouse, tennis courts, Pool & Fitness

Center and limited golf privileges as opposed to the Golf membership - which is really for the full on hard-core golf enthusiast.

Did that median age thing sink in yet? 38 stinkin' years old! Holy cats! I really better get my

career on. Like yesterday because that chunk of change I need to drop on my dream house isn't going to fall out of the sky.

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