Before and After Hair—My Christmas Present to Me!

December 23, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

This is before. Not bad, just a little washed out and scraggly.

The end of the year came flying at us. Didn't it feel like that to you? With Thanksgiving being so late this year I couldn't get in to see my stylist (read: friend, psychologist, current events news reporter and magician) before the holiday parties. I was bummed. And it was all my fault, it had been on my mind but I made choices about priorities that had more to do with making cookies for my kids classes, than making myself feel pretty.

That felt pretty good, too. We all know that beauty is on the inside, but I do like to see my magical friend Keri-Lou when I feel like I've lost a bit of my sparkle. She's been my go to gal for about 3 years now and I value this relationship.

While driving my son to school on the morning when the temps dipped to 25 below, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror. Yes the cold weather drains some of the cheeriness from our faces and the landscape looks kinda gray. But, I looked grey. My eyebrows (like all blondie's eyebrows) were fading, my hair had no depth and I finally made the appointment.

Even though, I didn't get all fixed up before the holiday parties, I got 'er done. And now I feel a little bit more polished. And I tell you what . . . the little things do help you deal with the bigger stresses. Not that I want to suggest that a cut and color is a cure-all for, well . . . anything. But my word it feels good. And I say anything that helps you feel good as you wind up the year is awesome!

Wanna see the after?

See, just a little punch up of color. And 2 hours to chat with a friend.

All My Best, BunnyFufu

*Keri-Lou is part of the team at Hot Shots Salon and Day Spa . You will not believe what she's talked me into as I try to get all shiny. More tomorrow!

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