Beauty is pain, m’dear.

December 24, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

I actually said that to my daughter the other day. I was brushing her longish, super fine and curly hair. She gets dreadlocks overnight. And yep, I drown the rats nests in olive or coconut oil to get the snarls out, but it is a constant battle. And when no matter how gentle and careful you are being, yet every stroke of the hair brush elicits, "MOM!!! STOP!!!! You're hurting my head!" Accompanied by dramatic tears, sometimes the veneer of madonna-esque calm that I try to inhabit, cracks.

And then I said it, "Well, beauty is pain, m'dear."

OOP! I shut myself up real quick. That is not a message I really want her to dwell on or absorb too deeply. 'Move along little eagle eyes and sonic ears. Let's have mommy sing a clever song and do a puppet show, now!' Crushingly bad slip of the tongue. Sheesh.

Mom and her smart mouth spoke too quickly. It was just one of those moments that I live on re-play with her. She hates it when I brush her hair but she loves it when she doesn't have a static-y dreadlock irritating her. Then, I got to thinking about how it can be true and not really that awful, right? High heels for a special occasion, working out seriously hard to reach a fitness goal, getting your brows waxed, you know what I'm taking about. It all ultimately feels pretty good.

Which brings me around to this; when I was at the salon, kvetching and complaining to my beloved Keri-Lou about how I feel dumpy and greyed out by the winter and because I have been on the sidelines fitness wise due to an injury, she convinced me to try some Sugaring. Why not, I thought. If I can't get out and play like I've been wanting to, why not give some attention to depiliation? Doesn't that make people feel really clean and cheerful and happy in their bodies? The ads make it look that way.

She looks pretty darn psyched!

Now, I have camped a lot and gone for ages without shaving. I am not offended by body hair on other folks and am truly a simple gal when it comes to beauty and it's maintenance. Heck, even now that it's winter in Montana. Why bother, right? You are wearing knee-socks and corduroys with your Sorels, nobody sees your legs for months. Maybe not even your hubby. 'Cuz if I am totally honest, during winter the only time my calves are out in the open air is when I am in the shower.

Plus, I am not a big fan of pain. So why did I take this on? Well, dear reader here is what is said about Sugaring:

  • it's a method of hair removal using a 100% natural paste of sugar, lemon and water
  • less painful than waxing - yep, it still hurts as you are yanking out hair, but it is pulled in the direction which it is growing vs. against the grain. It is definitely a couple of rungs down on the pain meter
  • lasts longer than waxing because it goes deeper into the follicle
  • hair grows back finer and softer
  • after a few sessions can completely cease hair regrowth

See there, it's a valuable life hack!

So I was in. I booked my appointment with Vanessa and had it done. Keri-Lou assured me that she was smart and fast and funny, which is exactly what you need from the woman who is going to help you out with this sort of treatment. Vanessa is multi-talented and really dedicated to her pursuits in spa treatments and wellness. She started her career in Massage Therapy and then added Cosmetology and Body Sugaring to her resume.

I am not going to get too specific about exactly what it was. Nobody but my sweetheart, Vanessa, and me really needs to be that intimate with my follicular choices. And I did have some trepidation as I have expressed my tendency to go Au Natural as a habit. But, I did leave the salon wondering why I haven't done it before. I am happy I did it.

Hot Shots Salon Waxing and Sugaring Price List:

Brow Wax $15/Sugaring $20    Lip Wax $12/Sugaring $15

Chin Wax $12/ Sugaring $15

Full Facial Wax $32/ Sugaring $35  

 Bikini Sugaring $30

Designer Sugaring $50

L.A. Sugaring $75

Half Leg (knee down) Sugaring $35 (knee up) $40

Full Leg Sugaring $65

Full Arm Sugaring $30

Under Arms Sugaring $25 

Full Back Sugaring $40

Full Body Sugaring $175

I really love this salon. I think that everyone there is very down to earth and kind. I always leave with a smile on my face. And yes, that was true even after my sugaring. In fact, I was pretty much laughing the whole time. To find out more about them and the services they offer visit


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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