Back-To-School Thermos Smoothie Recipe

September 02, 2011

Posted By: Shaunescy

It’s back-to-school time of year for most of us and with back-to-school comes packing lunches every day.

As parents, we try to perfect school lunches with healthy, yet tasty choices.  One of the options I include in my children’s lunchboxes is a "Thermos Smoothie."

To make it fun, I get my kids involved in choosing the type of fruit they would like blended within their smoothie.

No matter how many healthy options you include in their lunchbox, if your child doesn’t like the taste, they are not going to eat it.

If your kids are like mine, they adore smoothies. They love the taste and I love that they’re packed full with nutrients and the amount of fuel they provide.

If your kids like smoothies at home, they’ll love them in their lunchbox thermos!

Thermos Ready Smoothie:

1 cup frozen mixed fruit {I used frozen strawberries and fresh blueberries}

1/2 banana

½ cup yogurt

1/4 cup milk


Combine frozen fruit, banana, yogurt and milk in a blender; blend until smooth.

Pack it into a thermos and it’s ready to go.

Thermos Smoothie Tips:

Place a couple of ice cubes in the smoothie to keep extra cold.

Pre-chill your thermos by filling it with ice water and letting it chill for 10 minutes.  When you’re ready to pour the smoothie in, dump the ice water out and you’ll have a chilled thermos ready to carry your smoothie.

Include a fun-colored straw in the lunchbox!

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