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January 17, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

As a new parent you’re flooded with information and advice. When your baby should nap, eat, poo, start smiling, rolling, crawling, sleeping alone… it’s endless. This month at Montana Parent Magazine and Blog, we hope to condense some of the noise into the most useful bits for you. Today we’ll talk babywearing.

If you’ve never heard of the term, it refers to keeping your baby near your body using a carrier that functions as a hands-free device. Here’s an example of a popular carrier, the Ergo:

Just like parenting advice, the list of baby carriers is almost endless. Lucky for Bozeman parents, there’s Cindy Maxwell. She runs the babywearers group in Bozeman. Not only does Cindy help new parents understand the benefits of babywearing, she also runs a carrier lending library.

To begin renting a carrier with Cindy, you need to join the lending library. The rental system is great for parents who aren't sure what carrier to invest in, or don't want to shell out mega bucks for just one carrier. For $20, you become a member of the lending library. This gives you access to consultations with Cindy (she's ever patient with any question you may have) and access to her large library of carriers. Each carrier costs $5 to rent per month.

To join the Babywearers of Bozeman and rent/return/switch carriers from the lending library, simply attend the monthly meetings at the Birth Place (located at 820 N. Wallace). Meetings are at 10 a.m. on the Second Wednesday of every month and go until about 1:30 p.m. You can ask questions, rent and/or return a carrier at any point during those hours. The atmosphere is relaxed, even though Cindy is often busy helping many parents find the perfect carrier.

"Feel free to come whether you are an expert babywearer, just starting out or don’t know what babywearing is!" Cindy says. If you need a carrier before the monthly meeting Cindy can accommodate you at her house or yours (for a fee, as she has to load her kiddos in the car and make the trek). When you meet with Cindy she'll talk to about each carrying option and let you try as many as you want (or you babe will let you try:) So check out , give Cindy a call and then hit the trails around Bozeman to try out your new carrier.

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