Awesome Gift Idea? BionicBlox at The Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company!

December 14, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

BionicBlox completely fill the need for children ages 3 to 103 to build strong, big and durable structures that do not fall apart. Children quickly and easily connect BionicStars with wooden blocks to build structures as big as they are. Masterpieces can be moved, saved, admired and added to at anytime without risk of a collapse. The Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company carries the 50-piece Explorer Kit up to the 135-piece Architecture Kit. Made in the USA.

You can see a great example of how BionicBlox works in the front window of the store. Check out their tree!

The wooden building blocks are about 4 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick. The plastic connecting pieces are about 2 inches square and 1 inch thick.


Personally, I really love going into The Rocky Mountain Toy Company. I love that it's so organized. The kids can come in with me and be entertained with the display toys, the beautiful fish tank or enviable train as it makes its route through the store. I really can sneak around and shop right under their noses!


For more ideas, just go in. One day, during the Strep infestation , I went in with a budget of $25 and came out with hours of entertainment. Ask them about Hama beads! They are wonderful and focused quiet time-consuming marvels! For my $25, I got 2 started kits of Hama beads, Water Color paper, 3 special Brushes, 2 sets of Paints, and 2 sets of Oil Pastels. That's hard to beat. And that's what you get with the kind and knowledgeable people who run the place.

The Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company 111 E. Main St., Bozeman • (406) 585-3322 • (406) 587-8353 •

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