And they’re off . . .

August 28, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Here we are, the last day before my eldest begins Kindergarten. And for the past couple of weeks it has really been sinking in. I have played and played and played. We've been swimming, making mud pies and hiking.

We've visited with as many friends as we could in our school-free days. Gone on play dates, hosted play dates. Taken mini-vacations around the state. Tried our best to wring out every ounce left of this time.

This morning, I am lazily snuggling my kids on the couch while they indulge in cartoons. I am ready as I can be logistically for school to start tomorrow, but I am clutching the couch like it's a life raft. The seas are changing.

One piece of advice that I have taken to heart, is to not ask him if he missed me when I pick him up tomorrow afternoon. Not because I am worried about making him fraught with sadness, but because little mister social pants will probably crush me by saying, no.

So I am getting up off this couch. I am going to make myself a super-strong cup of coffee and I am going to bust out the rest of the water balloons. Then we are making some mud pies and going on a play date at the pool.

And we'll figure it out. I am in for an education.

best, Bunnyfufu

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