Amazing Ski Film coming to the Emerson!

November 04, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy


This ski movie is a must see! Lynsey Dyer is an explosive big mountain skier and a grounded youth-mentor all wrapped into one. Her first film titled “Pretty Faces: The story of a Skier Girl” features the best female athletes from around the world. Perfect for all ages, the film is an idea that started as a dream funded by Kickstarter and is now on a full 2014 Tour across USA, Canada and Europe. Halfway through its impressive 65 screenings scheduled the film is the buzz of the ski industry.

Fortunate for us in Montana the new release “Pretty Face’s” will be premiering in three locations including Bozeman, Big Sky and White Fish. Those living up the highway U.S. 191 should check out the premier at Lone Peak Cinema in Big Sky on Saturday November 8th. Here in Bozeman the premier of “Pretty Faces” will be at the Emerson Cultural Center on Tuesday evening November 11th at 7:00 pm. Our friends up north in Whitefish will get a chance to see it at the Crush Lounge on Thursday November 13th.

Here is an insider tip if you plan on attending any of the premiers…we recommend to purchase tickets online prior to the show at as each screening so far has been sold-out! Tickets are reasonably priced at $8 for kids under 12, then a special $10 price for students with ID and general admission is $15. Also you should know up front there has been a ground swell of enthusiasm at each screening inspired by the name of the production company Unicorn Picnic. It seems attendees have been droning homemade unicorn headgear along with rainbow costumes and makeshift signs for each screening.

Lynsey’s story is a classic ski town tale growing up in Ketchum, Idaho.  Then she spent her college years here in Bozeman attending Montana State University, where she gradated with a degree in graphic design. Serendipitously her MSU education became instrumental in landing professional sponsorships. Later her design sense and creativity was key in branding the non-profit organization that she co-founded with Vanessa Pierce and Claire Smallwood and now promoting her first film. These days Lynsey calls Jackson Wyoming home, with extended roots into the wilds of Alaska and south to the daunting mountains of Chile.

Watching “Pretty Faces” on the big screen you will be impressed by the cinematography and amazing athletic talent, as well as is the long list of outdoor companies stepping up to sponsor this major endeavor. It’s wonderful to see all supporters of Lynsey and all the girls in the film from individuals to local businesses and major corporations. Our advice is grab your children or a friend and go see the show. And if you have an extra unicorn hat in the ski closet be sure to wear it.

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We have a few pairs of tickets to the Bozeman show!

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