Am I Creating a Monster? Maybe a Monster of Rock! ~A Mommy Confession

December 16, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

While I was driving her to preschool today, my daughter started singing in the backseat. Really belting it out with her baby vibrato.

"Old McDonald had a poop, E-I E-I O

And on his poop, there was some germs,  E-I E-I O!

With a germ-germ here and a germy-germ there

Here a germ, there a germ, everywhere a germ-germ .  . ."

Wait . . . What!?!

I challenge you not to laugh when your little pigtailed heart pirate bursts forth in a similar song before you've had a second cup of coffee on Monday morning. I was howling. And then I did something that is maybe worse . . . I joined in. Even made up a few verses of my own. Bear with me, I do have a valid reason.

I am something of a songster after all. I sing to my kids nightly. In fact when they were really little, singing to my kids was almost therapeutic -- being the reformed drama camp enthusiast that I once was. Music is really a big deal to me but you know how it is -- life and not really having seeked out the opportunity to sing in front of others. Well, let's just say that singing to my kids, loudly and primarily in an attempt to make them giggle, has knocked some of the rust off of the old pipes.

Finding humor in belting out a silly tune has made it much easier to sing more difficult and nuanced songs as well. I truly love searching out and finding new songs to sing along to because they 'feel' good to sing. I mean specifically how the notes vibrate around in my chest. Which has made for a seriously unusual line up of lullaby choices on the mommy jukebox.

Fly Me to the Moon , Aquarius,   Edelweiss , Let Me Back In , You and I , anything by Journey or Hall and Oates, plus a whole pile of holiday tunes.

So maybe, it's not the best parenting choice in the world to sing about Old McDonald and his poopy farm. I did tell her not to sing it like that at school (good luck, right?) But I am determined to keep my kids musical. And something I realized a long time ago is this, Whatever is normal in your day to day life -- is what is normal to your kids. Which brings me to the best reason I have for joining in with her song.

It was fun.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

(who secretly thinks these guys are hot)

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