Adventures in Bum-Wiping - Part 1

June 06, 2011

Posted By: The Whine Warrior

We all love our family members for their certain characteristics.  My son, Gus, loves fruit.  Even when I was pregnant with him it was all I ever wanted to eat.  And trust me…  I am not a person prone to fruit, maybe a fruit cobbler.  I’d buy whole watermelons just for me each week of those 39 weeks during pregnancy.  I know we can all relate to the baby who comes out loving the things you craved while that little person was inside.

So as he grew, if ever I needed a minute, I’d just stuff his plump little body in the high chair for a minute with some blueberries and ahhhh…   maybe get a second to go to the bathroom.  While showering for work one morning I put Gus in his Johnny Jumper - probably against some regulation now, but it worked great for a working mom to get the morning shower in while being able to peek out and see the kid bouncing happily. As I get out of the shower I notice there is this purple/blueish tar all over the carpet underneath Gus.  I immediately start screaming to my husband - “what did you give Gus”?  What is this tar smeared everywhere under Gus and that he is currently jumping in and smearing into the carpet more????

Well, unbeknownst to me…  that was the recycled blueberries, recycled through Gus, that is.  I’m sure that story is continual happy hour fodder at the family of the carpet cleaning company I used.  Oh, well.

Anyone out there got a story like this to share?  Anyone who comments gets entered to win 2 Moberry Gift Cards.

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