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May 30, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

{Editor's note: This post originally aired on my blog An Authentic Life last May, and in honor of the final days of National Adoption Month, there is no better tribute to adoption than this fine Bozeman family. Also, my mother was adopted, so I have a soft spot for this topic. Not to mention love.}

When we first moved to Montana, I remember feeling like a fish out of water.

Unfamiliar with the territory, the " Code of the West ," and clueless as to the location of the  best local cup o' Joe .  And not a friend to call my own for hundreds of miles. Amazing the difference seven years will make.

Awhile back, I met a couple via the Seamstress, and only recently have gotten to know this couple - and their family - much better.

This darling family consists of a mom, a dad, a brother, and a dog - and just recently  - they added one more member to their clan. They added a daughter, but she didn't come the conventional way. She came from a different path than their first-born son.

This tiny pink bundle made her way into the new family's heart by way of love - another mother's love. A mother who knew she wasn't ready for parenthood and the untold responsibility of caring for a new baby. A young mother, who was equipped with tremendous faith and a heaping wallop of courage, openly gave this family God's greatest gift.

A baby girl.

This young mother, along with the caring support of  Catholic Social Services,  gave the family her baby through open adoption. For those unfamiliar with open adoption, the "open" part of the adoptive process simply means the birth mother (or "tummy mommy") selects a family for her child, and has the choice over how much involvement she wants in her child's life. She is able to remain in contact, send birthday cards, and even have visits, or not. It's up to her. And whatever she decides, there is no judgment. Only support, encouragement and love.

When this story was first shared with me a few months ago {by the Seamstress} I got tears in my eyes. The sheer love on both sides was blinding - and all in the name of what's best for this precious baby. And with an open adoption, there are no secrets, no locked files, no hiding in the shadows. Once the "tummy mommy" has selected the family for her baby, together they decide on "a plan" for the birthing process.

{It should be noted that the "tummy mommy" also had the loving support of her boyfriend, parents and grandparents. In fact, her entire extended family took part in the hospital "circle of love," along with the baby's new family. Honestly, this is the kind of story of which fairy-tales are made. Where everyone lives happily ever after.}

As told to me by the DM "Doting Mother" - they were at the hospital when the baby was born. In fact, as soon as the baby was delivered the "tummy mommy" called the new parents into the room. They were able to hold the baby  immediately. DM said, "As soon as I looked into her newborn eyes, I knew we were meant to be a family."

My heart was melting (and my eyes welled with tears) - have you ever heard anything so heart-warming? The pure love, joy, and happiness that radiates from DM is overwhelming. And completely humbling.

Meet the "F" family. {The "F" is for Fabulous!}

The Dog

The Brother

The Doting Mother - DM

The Proud Father - PM

...and the baby!!

I don't believe there's anything more precious than ten tiny toes.

By the end of my evening with the "Fabulous" Family, a few things were abundantly clear.

...This is a family in love. With each other, their dog, and most especially their baby.

...I have a new outlook and understanding of open adoption and believe under the right circumstances, miracles really do happen.

... I am thankful to the Seamstress and the great connections she has shared with me. Not only this darling family but also her ranch family.

...I no longer feel like a stranger in a strange land. Most days, anyway...

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