According To The Family Dog…

October 19, 2011

Posted By: Shaunescy

My, what a week we had at our place.

As per normal, my irresponsible owner let me out front - after dark - to do my thing. Usually, I snoop around the neighborhood, and once I've sniffed everything and left my mark on what I could reach, I make my way home.

Only, something happened on this night. The moon was bright in the Big Sky and as age would have it, my eyes don't work as well as they used to. I lost my way, and after trying to find my way home, I got tired and settled in for a little nap.

Before I knew it, the sky was getting brighter, and I woke up disoriented and confused.

I had a hard time getting up. My legs hurt from walking so long.

I began slowly meandering my way home - I heard some hammering from these guys on the roof - and as I made my way around this new house, someone was running frantically towards me.

I squinted.

Oh, yeah, I know her. It's my owner. I was too tired to give her the usual greeting, and besides, she was acting very strange. Her normal steady voice was shaky and she must have been running for a long time because her eyes were runny and watering. I just wanted to get home and rest. So, I ambled along behind her, slowly, but as steadily as I could muster.

After running around all night, I was too tired to move, or eat or drink. My old body hurt. I just wanted to be left alone. Normally, my owners check in on me then go about their business, but not today. Geez, they were driving me nuts - constantly poking, prodding, petting, looking into my sleepy eyes, trying to get me to eat.

Just when I thought it was over, my personal hell only got worse. She took me to the place I hate worse than the doctor - that salon! I got washed, and combed and clipped. Gross. I hate being that clean. It had taken me months to get just the way I like it, full of dirt and lots of matted down hairs.

After we got home from the stupid salon, my owner insisted I go with her to the mailbox. And she made me wear a leash. 

What the heck?? Where did she think I was running? I was still too tired from my night out.

When we got to the mailbox, we met a neighbor with a little dog that kept trying to be my friend. I'm too old to make new friends, so I ignored the little snit and waited for my owner to finish gabbing with the neighbor. Then, out of nowhere, my owner had that same eye-thing happening - all runny and watering.

With a neighbor she just met?

Lord, what is happening to this family?

Everybody's all up in my grill, wondering when I've done my business, how much I've eaten, how much water I've drunk.

I'm old.

I don't do things the same anymore.

I move more slowly.

I have a harder time getting off my bed.

It's the way it is. It's no big deal.

I wish they'd all just pat me, say "Good Boy" and let me be.

I'm the same dog - just older. And with much less patience.

Written by Katie Walters, author of An Authentic Life, and proud publishing member of Montana Parent Magazine. 

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