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July 08, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

So much to say. I am a mommy blogger, so I suppose the directive is to write about being a mom. Today, I am a tuckered out, recovering from a sunburn, still doing mountains of swimsuits and towels kind of mom.

Summer has really finally arrived with the heat, visitors, soccer and swim lessons. Daily routine involves morning chores, going to Bogert Pool and camping out in the same spot for the 45 minutes, and then onto the next task for the afternoon, before diving into the dinner-bath-bed trifecta. Mowing the lawn, riding bikes and cleaning up as many popsicle spills as I can along the way.

My kids are demanding but cute, so I continue to feed them and keep them entertained. But sometimes I do need to just take a breath and remember what it was like to be 5 or 8. How the days stretched out in front of me and 3 hours could seem like FOREVER. How cool and absorbing it was when you first learned that you could wiggle your kneecap or how enjoyable it is to sit upside down on the couch to watch your favorite show.

Or finding that perfect stick to pretend it's your cane. My 5 year daughter has informed me that she is my 'Nana'. For the past 48 hours, she's refused to call me mom - calling me 'Honey' is a slow whispered voice instead. She stomps around the house tapping her 'cane' on the floor, solemnly telling me that it's not the best cane but it helps her with her balance. omg.


What is the snapshot above?  To me, it is a picture of summer. But it's more than that. It really captures my summer so far. A little bit silly, but really beautiful.

My birthdaughter was just here . Her first time to come and stay with me. Just for a week and it was too fast and now she is back to her university town and home to enjoy the summer before her senior year of college.

We did so many things and saw so many people, not all of the things and people and barely enough of anything, but it was amazing.


The kids were absolutely bananas about her arrival. They made calenders and maps with their crayons and paper. My sister and my nephew arrived 2 days ahead and my 7 year old son was so eager to meet them that he stayed up until 11 pm and brought a sign to the airport to welcome them.

My littlest girl accepted that, but she was not going to let go of the idea that when her sister arrived next, it was her turn.

I bargained with the little pirate. If she'd go to sleep, I promised to pick her up out of bed and take her with me to get her sister. And although the flight was delayed  for hours. Really, it was arduous with all of the changes in her flight due to weather, she flew in at 2:00 AM, I grabbed the peanut and told her it was time to go.

Within 20 seconds, she was up and grabbing for her shoes and sleepily smiling because she was going to get her sister.

With a sign on a stick. A sun and a rainbow, with a shower of hearts.


The clock was on, but sheesh! I just wanted everyone to have a fun time here. Relaxation, nothing heavy. That is what we did. Went to Willow Creek, toured downtown Bozeman, Saw my 5 year old dance at the Emerson, made a ton of food and had some heart to hearts. And best of all, it was surprisingly easy and comfortable and natural.

One of the things I can tell you about our adoption story is this; We want to communicate.

The fact that we are able to is completely a function of the awesome and wonderful parenting and love that not only she has received, but the kindness I have received from them too. Her parents are amazing people. They simply are, and I could not be more thankful.


Now, all of my heart pirates have been together in my home. She and I have had some real and serious talks about how we got here. She is back there and we are here plotting to make another visit happen.

Moving forward is what we are doing. We are finding our footsteps on this path.


So! The picture that you are looking at above is the petals from the roses we gave to the peanut after her recital. I'd almost dreaded giving them to her because I knew she would want to keep the roses from her sister for forever -- and roses don't last.

But, she wanted to denude them all, she called it my collection of petals and insisted on a big bowl to put them in.

One morning, a few days after her sister left for home I made the 'pool' in the galvanized tub. My son asked if he could pluck some of the petunia blossoms to make boats, it became clear that it was time to share my collection of petals, too.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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