A Perfect Gift for Boys & Girls Curious About Magnet Science Fun!

November 27, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

{Editors Note: As a working mom, I wear many hats. During the work week, I wear my "Marketing Manager for Dowling Magnets Hat." As contracted by the BlogHer Publishing Network, I wear my " Authentic Life Blogging Hat" a few times per week. And specially on Wednesdays, I an invited to wear my "Montana Parent Magazine Blogger Hat" and today - I am wearing all of the above!}  

About my day job:  Dowling Magnets has been in the magnet business since 1946, creating magnetic educational products and toys that are sold across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. I was lucky enough to work for them from 2000-2004 prior to moving to Montana. And then last spring, they invited me back - to work from home remotely. Of course, I jumped at the chance to return to the "magnetic field!"

Today, I am excited to share with my Montana Parent friends our most successful line of science kits called Science Discovery Kits - created by a REAL teacher (thank you Dean Knight of Sonoma Valley High School, Sonoma, California) - a line that will celebrate 20 years in 2013. Our new logo features the likeness of Mr. Knight! 

When Mr. Knight created this line, the kits were basically an extension of what children can learn and practice in the classroom. There are four kits in the line, and each one comes complete with an extensive activity and guide book. Also, these kits are perfect for students interested in building science fair projects. (We recommend the assistance of an adult and the kits are suggested for students ages 10+.)

Today, I am highlighting our Electric Motor-Generator Kit - and one lucky Montana Parent reader will WIN this kit (details below.)

Electric Motor/Generator Kit

Explore the wonders of electricity by building a motor/generator that causes an LED light to flicker!

With this kit, children will learn: 

Introduction to Magnets

Experiment 1: Find the Earth's North Pole

Experiment 2: How Magnetic Poles Attract and Repel

Experiment 3: What Magnets Attract

Experiment 4: Temporary Magnetism

Experiment 5: Magnetic Strength

Experiment 6: How Electricity Flows

Project 1: Detecting Electrical Flow

Project 2: A Simple Generator and Motor Pair

Project 3: A Different Kind of Generator

Project 4: A Faster Motor

Project 5: A Motor with Speed Control

Project 6: A Generator That Powers a Light Bulb - for Step by Step video instructions for this project, click:  Dowling Magnets You Tube Video .  

Common household items not included in the kit are needed to complete the experiments and projects like tools, tape, batteries, foil, cardboard, ruler, scissors, etc.  

For parents interested in purchasing this item, click link below:


To enter the drawing to WIN this kit, please leave a comment below. Winner will be drawn on Friday, November 30 at noon (Mountain Time.) Email addresses provided are only used to contact the winner. We never share, sell or spam your email.

Good Luck!

Mother of three,  Katie Walters is the author of  An Authentic Life , a member of BlogHer.com  and is proudly invited to share weekly within the pages of Montana Parent Magazine's website.

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